10 Easy Guitar Riffs to Play at Music Stores and NOT Get Kicked Out (WITH TAB)

There are a few guitar riff that are almost banned to play while trying a guitar at the store. Try some of these riffs instead so you don’t get kicked out 🙂 Hope you’ll like the video

0:00 Stargazer – Rainbow
0:40 Carry on my wayward son – Kansas
1:14 Manic depression – Jimi Hendrix
1:53 N.I.B – Black Sabbath
2:30 Readymade – RHCP
3:08 Bubble Dream – CHON
3:35 Testify – RATM
3:55 Moby dick – Led Zeppelin
4:24 Uprising – Muse
4:54 The Motherload – Mastodon

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