6 Exercises From Iconic Songs (Guitar Tutorial)

Ayla has found 6 exercises from iconic songs that are going to make you a better guitarist. And not only are we going to break them all down, but we have also created a backing track to download for each and every song!

Do you like Jimi Hendrix, Link Wray, The Beatles, Kiss, Lynard Skynyrd, or Led Zeppelin? Then you are going to love this lesson. We will walk you through the best exercises to help you learn guitar while listening to some of the greatest music of all time! We’ll be looking at “Hey Joe” for dexterity and chromaticism; “Rumble” for chord changes and triplet timing; “Something” for chord embellishments; “Shout It Out Loud” for vibrato and bending; “Simple Man” for picking accuracy; and, finally, we’ll be looking at “Good Times Bad Times” to help you become a better lead guitar player.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get listening. Let’s get learning.

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