Beginner's Guide to Better Guitar Solos (in 5 steps)

Beginner’s guide for how to play better solos. The same concept can be used for improvising on guitar.

0:00 Intro
0:06 Step 1
0:38 Step 2
1:17 Steps 3 & 4
2:50 Step 5
3:35 Conclusion

4 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to Better Guitar Solos (in 5 steps)”

  1. Stanisław Paśkowski

    Fantastic job! What a great approach! I’d love to see more eye opening content like that!

  2. Well I expected another guitar “trick” but this is actually very good advice: copy the songs that you like and modify them (play in different key, different scale, different position on the neck etc.). This way you are practicing a few things in one time in musical context and it actually sounds good too.

  3. Thanks man! you motivated me to play guitar in the begging of pandemic, and keeps motivating me so on

  4. Having a teacher who loves everything you love as far as song / band choices is so awesome!
    Thank you sir for dedicating your time to help us all out. I am forever grateful for you sir!

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