Black Dog Led Zeppelin Cover | Guitar Tab | Lesson | Tutorial

Couple of notes about the song!

Page plugged straight into the board to get his tone and well, I don’t exactly have a board. Just a laptop and VST. But I was really feeling the tone here.

I triple tracked the guitars. Another thing I was feeling. I believe Page did the same thing, maybe not exactly the way I went about it with regards to the panning. But close!

With regards to the tab! At the start of each verse, there’s an A5. If you’re not feeling bending into the A note from the G on the low E string, just strike the A5 open. That’s what I always do. However I’m hearing either a bend into the note, or a slide. I’ve seen him do both live. I went with the bend. If you’re using a heavy gauge low E string, it’ll be a good test of endurance.

And that’s it really. This was a fun tune to record and tab and I really hope it’s useful to you! What are some other really good Zeppelin songs you would like to see tabbed out in the future?

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