How To Learn My Most Requested Song

I have been getting so many emails asking me to teach this song!

There are so many wrong tabs out there. So I dove in and studied the original music video and the original track.

Here is the most accurate lesson on how to play House of the Rising Sun as recorded by The Animals.

Chords you need to know:

Open A Minor
Open C Major
Open D Major
Alternate Simple F Major
Open E Major

Performance (0:00)
Song overview (0:30)
Learn the chords (1:47)
Work on your chord changes while only strumming on the first beat (2:42)
Work on your chord changes while strumming 8th notes (3:07)
Learn the main picking hand pattern (3:45)
Variations on picking for each chord (6:40)
How to play the song fingerstyle (9:20)

That’s everything you need to know to play this song!

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