How To Make Guitar Videos For Instagram

Special thanks to John McLucas for hosting this guitar lesson.

In the day and age of social media, it’s become easier than ever to get your music out there. Whether you’re trying to get internet famous, or you just want to share your guitar playing with family and friends, Instagram is an excellent outlet for musicians. In this guitar lesson, John McLucas joins us to give you an expert tutorial on recording guitar videos for Instagram.

To make the best recordings for social media there are a few things you will need: Your instrument, a guitar cable, an audio interface, your computer, your phone, a tripod, any lamps you have sitting around, a DAW or digital audio workstation, and video editing software.

Once you have all your tools together, we can get to work. The great thing about this method for recording is that if you’re missing a thing or two, you can still make some high-quality content. Try John’s recording method out for yourself and post a video or two.

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