How to Play Twilight Zone by Golden Earring – Twilight Zone Chords

Golden Earring is best known for the classic song Radar Love, but they also had some success with a cool song called Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone chords are pretty basic and form the foundation for the killer riff pattern that supports the whole song. The riff is built around the chords to Twilight zone and provides the groove for the bass and guitars.In this Guitar Control lesson, Robert shows you the Twilight Zone riff and how to play how to play Twilight Zone on guitar.

If you aren’t familiar with barre chords, you can check out a Guitar Control lesson on barre chords. This is the basic type of chord structure you’ll find in Twilight Zone chords. They aren’t hard to play, but if you’ve never worked with them before, you may need to check out one of those barre chord lessons. Robert breaks it down for you and you can also follow along with the Golden Earring Twilight Zone tab if you need to. Once you can play the barre chords, you’re on your way to playing the Twilight Zone guitar chords and the Twilight Zone guitar riff that goes along with them.

Twilight Zone by Golden Earring is a great song to learn and extremely fun to play. The Twilight Zone riff is one you can just jam forever. In this Golden Earring Twilight Zone guitar lesson you learn the riff and the Twilight Zone chords that go along with it. If you’re ready to give it a try, check out the video and take a leap with Robert into the Twilight Zone. This is a classic rock song still played on classic rock radio. It’s a fun guitar song and ideal for beginning guitar players.

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