Interstellar Main Theme – Hans Zimmer (Simple Guitar Tab)

This video will help you learn how to play an easy fingerstyle guitar cover for the Main Theme from Interstellar composed by Hans Zimmer.

The tab is arranged to be beginner friendly and quick to learn, while still sounding good on its own. Feel free to make any requests in the comments ?


00:00 – Part 1
00:50 – Part 2
01:27 – Part 3
01:57 – Part 4
02:46 – End

3 thoughts on “Interstellar Main Theme – Hans Zimmer (Simple Guitar Tab)”

  1. It took me a few days but I finished memorizing it today and played it through flawlessly, thank you so much for this tab!

  2. There’s alot of tabs for interstellar tracks, I think this specifically is “Day One” and it is awesome

  3. My dad just ordered me a guitar. I think I’ll make this the first thing I learn! It’s absolutely amazing 😀

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