Merry Christmas Everybody – easy acoustic (Slade/ Noel Gallagher)

Here’s how to play Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade on acoustic guitar!

This tutorial is based on the Noel Gallagher acoustic performance, which is more acoustic friendly and easier for most people to sing.

Noel Gallagher cover

00:00 Demo
00:57 FREE Christmas songbook!
01:40 Verse chords
02:27 Bridge chords
03:19 Strumming pattern
04:07 Verse/ Bridge play through
05:14 Verse embellishment
05:39 Chorus
07:29 Playing tips!
07:51 Intro + chorus ending
09:54 Middle 8
11:13 Full play along!

1 thought on “Merry Christmas Everybody – easy acoustic (Slade/ Noel Gallagher)”

  1. Great video Andy, you always talk us through it really well ? Thank you my friend & a Merry Christmas to you & all your family etc

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