Red Hot Chili Peppers – BSSM – Every main riff (with TAB)

Today’s video is a list of all riffs that appear on Blood sugar sex magik (BSSM) by RHCP. I guess John Frusciante really made the band popular with this record. Hope you’ll like it

0:00 Intro
0:03 The power of equality
0:30 If you have to ask
1:11 Breaking the girl
1:44 Funky monks
2:07 Suck my kiss
2:23 I could have lied
3:05 The righteous & the wicked
3:29 Mellowship slinky in B major
3:51 Give it away
4:24 Blood sugar sex magik
4:57 Under the bridge
5:26 Naked in the rain
5:45 Apache rose peacock
6:07 The greeting song
6:34 My lovely man
7:00 Sir psycho sexy
7:36 They’re red hot

3 thoughts on “Red Hot Chili Peppers – BSSM – Every main riff (with TAB)”

  1. Frusciante’s guitar work across this whole album is some of the best ever recorded I think

  2. John is a riff machine! BSSM is a masterpiece, no other RHCP record compares… this is the funkiest of them all

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