Rocket Queen Guns N’ Roses Cover | Guitar Tab | Lesson | Tutorial | Amplitube

Intro: 0:00
Interlude: 0:40
Verse: 0:48
Chorus: 1:05
Interlude: 1:25
Verse: 1:34
Chorus: 1:51
Interlude: 2:11
Slide Solo: 2:20
Bridge 1: 2:53
Chorus: 3:02
Bridge 2: 3:21
Bridge 3:4:01
Bridge 4: 4:36
Solo: 5:11
Outro: 5:46

1 thought on “Rocket Queen Guns N’ Roses Cover | Guitar Tab | Lesson | Tutorial | Amplitube”

  1. A few notes on the song. With regards to the intro, I juggled back and forth between Slash’s and Izzy’s parts. I figured most of us won’t be cranking our amps on bust (unless you hate your neighbours) so I added a feedback track so you can play the other parts over that. There is a “>” written above the tab where you would do a volume swell. The volume swells are edited on my behalf where I recorded my take, then added the volume swells Logic Pro. If I were playing this in a live setting, I would either 1. Use a volume pedal for the swells, 2. Use my volume knob or 3. Forget about the volume swells altogether. It’s Rock n’ Roll and this doesn’t need to be exact live IMO. I was checking out some live videos of Slash doing his thing during the intro. Often times, he is just letting A5, E, and F#5 ring out without any volume swells.

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