Sails Of Charon – Scorpions (Cover & TAB)

Great song composed by one of the first neoclassical shredder (in 1977) : Uli Jon Roth.
Gear : Stratocaster ’70 made in Japan, HS3 pickups, DOD250 (“Grey mods” by Modest Mike’s Mods), Marshall 1987X, Marshall 1922 (G12T-75 speakers), SM57, Neve 1073DPA, Apogee Duet, ProTools.

1 thought on “Sails Of Charon – Scorpions (Cover & TAB)”

  1. Horrorfreak106

    Damn I can’t believe this song was recorded in 1977. That beginning part is legit some neoclassical shred before Yngwie took stage. Uli Roth is a legend!

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