The 5 Best Kurt Cobain Guitar Riffs

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain isn’t just one of the greatest songwriters in rock history. His guitar riffs literally defined the sound of the 90s Grunge Rock scene and he proved that not every amazing guitar riff needs to be challenging. Kurt knew how to combine simple melodies, power chords, and a couple of pedals to make some truly iconic riffs. In this lesson, Kent teaches five of his favorite Nirvana guitar riffs.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
2:37 – Polly
4:48 – All Apologies
7:39 – Come As You Are
9:23 – Lithium
12:37 – Outro

1 thought on “The 5 Best Kurt Cobain Guitar Riffs”

  1. Kurt wrote many better riffs. Mr. Mustache, Swap Meet, Breed, School. I mean the ones in the video are good sure, but I wouldn’t call them the best of Kurt’s writing, just the ones that made it on the radio

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