The EASIEST Nirvana Solo (Great for string bending technique!) – Lead Guitar Lesson 3

In this lesson, we’ll look at at how to do string bending on electric guitar with the correct technique. String bending is one of the coolest and most expressive techniques on guitar – but most people learn it wrong! This not only causes your bends to sound out of tune but can also lead to pain and even injury, so we need to check you’re doing it right!

There are also different kinds of string bend techniques that we can learn. One of these is featured in Day 10 of this series, so be sure to get this basic technique correct using the video!

00:00 Intro
00:55 Premium Lead Guitar Course
01:51 Playing demo
02:04 String bending technique
06:46 Solo tutorial begins
07:45 Tuning info
09:22 Looper pedal jam 1
11:21 Adding FX
12:28 Looper pedal jam 2
14:18 Looper pedal jam 3
15:15 Tutorial recap

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