Your Acoustic Guitar Survival Guide (for serious guitar players only)

Today I have something special for guitar players who take their progress seriously. This is especially geared toward players who are just getting into acoustic guitar, or who’ve been playing electric for a while but want to go acoustic.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things that make it easier to play acoustic guitar. You could call this a ‘survival guide’. These tips are valuable, even if you’ve been playing acoustic guitar for a while. I’ve broken them up into two main categories: 

1. Tips for acoustic guitar gear:

  • Get your guitar professionally set up 
  • Go down a string gauge if you need to
  • Always carry extra strings
  • Always have a tuner with you
  • Always carry extra batteries for both your guitar (if it has electronics) and your tuner
  • Use a variety of pick thicknesses
  • Get (and use) a capo

2. Tips for acoustic guitar playing technique:

  • Learn at least two keys to start with a capo
  • If you are new, start with 8 fundamental open chords
  • Learn partial bar chords 
  • Learn the simple downstroke strumming pattern
  • Learn DDUUDU (a classic strumming pattern)
  • Learn basic fingerpicking patterns (like the one in “Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol”)
  • Learn how to accompany yourself with melodies on top 
  • Learn complete songs

Check out the video for all of the playing examples!

2 thoughts on “Your Acoustic Guitar Survival Guide (for serious guitar players only)”

  1. Hand stretches are key to surviving acoustic guitar. Also, check the tension chart of various strings gauges and types, then look for the lowest tension set that might meet your needs. If someone is just starting out and suffering from very sore fingers, I found that apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for soreness also helps you get through a practice session. Probably the best thing about the acoustic guitar is that after a few days of practicing, switching back to electric makes the latter seem like a piece of cake. 😉

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