"Zombie" Guitar Lesson – The Cranberries – easy electric guitar songs

Here’s how to play the classic beginners electric guitar song “Zombie” by Irish rock band The Cranberries!

This song has just 4 chords; Em, C major, G major and D major. These chords are played as clean open chords, and then as distorted power chords. This change of sound mid-song can be achieved by having an overdrive/distortion pedal, or a 2 (or more) channel guitar amplifier.

Tragically, lead vocalist and songwriting Dolores O’Riordan died in 2018. But her music and influence lives on. The importance of The Cranberries to the 90s alternative rock movement cannot be overstated. Dolores herself went on to become an icon in her own right, influencing countless fans plus artists as diverse as Florence Welsh and Adele to Faye Wong, one of China’s biggest pop stars.

“Zombie” music video

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