What makes "Easy On Me" by Adele such a hit?

Here’s how to play the biggest song in the world right now – ‘Easy On Me’ by Adele!

As this is a piano balled, I also show how this song can be played on piano – as well as a regular guitar tutorial!

As this song is so popular, I’ve also done more songwriting and performance analysis than in my regular videos. I’m keen to do more of this kind of video, so let me know what you think to it!

00:00 Introduction
01:28 Analysis pt 1 – The hook
04:02 Analysis pt 2 – The performance
05:16 Analysis pt 3 – The melody
07:41 Guitar tutorial starts (no capo)
08:04 Guitar chord with capo
09:15 Verse progression
10:05 Melody on guitar
11:20 Pre-chorus
11:27 Chorus tutorial

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