What Makes These Guitar Intros So Iconic?

0:00 – Intro

What makes a guitar intro so memorable that even a song over fifty years old is recognized instantly? Let’s find out!

0:40 – Guitar Intro # 1 – Johnny B. Goode

This iconic song is in a blues setting and is an expert for mixing the major and minor pentatonic sound. It starts on a major pentatonic note then switches to minor.

4:48 – Guitar Intro #2 – The Thrill Is Gone

Feeling is important with this intro. B.B. King was known for putting a lot of emotion into his guitar playing, even in the simplest riffs. This particular intro is in B Minor pentatonic.

7:56 – Guitar Intro #3 – Soulshine

Similar to Johnny B. Goode, it starts on the minor pentatonic notes and slides up to major. The opening line of the song is repeated but raised an octave to increase the emotion and build of the song.

11:48 – Guitar Intro #4 – Black Magic Woman

Santana added a lot of Latin flavor to the groove and note choices of the song’s intro. By combining blues and early rock elements with the Latin flavor, it was new and not something people were used to hearing at the time.

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